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Resourcebase leaps into US market with Blue Leopard

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Feb 03, 2020

Resourcebase, an award-winning European digital asset management (DAM) platform with unique dynamic artwork template technology, has appointed Blue Leopard LLC of Birmingham, Michigan to drive its expansion into the US market.

Designed for rapid deployment by marketing departments, in-house studios and design agencies, Resourcebase can be used as either a primary platform or as part of a focused marketing project.  Resourcebase combines a feature-rich DAM platform that is seamlessly integrated with a dynamic artwork engine, allowing users to create brand-controlled marketing material in minutes at low cost.

Well established in Europe since its launch in the UK in 1998, Resourcebase is used by a diverse range of organizations such as public sector, charities, insurance, hospitality, automotive, engineering and construction to manage, share and repurpose their marketing assets.

“We were looking for an expert partner in North America to help us develop our business in this key market. We believe our dynamic artwork function is ideal for the distributed marketing needs of organisations across the US,” says Resourcebase founder, David Spragg. “The team at Blue Leopard have a real depth of experience in this sector and we’re looking forward to working with them to deliver our platform as a great fit for US customers.”

Blue Leopard LLC is a digital and marketing transformation firm with a rich track record of understanding the needs of a diverse range of clients and implementing digital solutions to cut through the complexity of today’s multi-level communication needs.

“We work with a number of DAM providers,” says Eric Siano, joint managing director of Blue Leopard LLC. “What excites us about Resourcebase is we now have a platform that is a great fit for complex marketing tasks right out of the box. It’s ideal for those situations where people need to deploy a service across their business quickly and economically without sacrificing functionality.

“The dynamic artwork system is the game changer. It allows marketers to take existing artwork and make it re-purposable for end-users at minimal cost per template – with high-end brand control and database-driven automation,” says Eric.

For more information, please contact Eric Siano at esiano@resourcebase.com

Resourcebase is the DAM and dynamic artwork platform of Orchard Resourcebase Ltd of Catton, Thirsk YO7 4SQ, UK.

Blue Leopard LLC is a digital and marketing transformation specialist of Birmingham, Michigan 48009

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