What We Do

We believe that every company is capable of succeeding in the intersection of the digital and physical worlds to support their business strategy.  Our job is to guide them through it.

Simply we will help you be more transparent, efficient, competitive, profitable, and accountable in a digital world. 

Blue Leopard's offerings are based on experience that can be leveraged to meet your needs:

Assessment & Roadmaps

Assessment & Roadmaps

Assessment of your marketing, sales and digital capabilities - such as technologies, processes and skill sets - to help create a roadmap to enable your strategies.


  • Operational Assessment and Roadmap

  • Martech Audit and Analysis

Operational Assessment and Roadmap

Strategy & Innovation services to drive a shift in culture: a culture that thrives in ambiguity, challenges historical processes and prioritizes experimentation. This allows our clients to move up the value chain from product to process - and finally to business model innovation.

  • Strategy and Innovation

  • Martech Strategy

  • Digital Transformation

Strategy and Innovation


Martech Implementation

Change Management & Operating Model

Change management to support a smooth transition from the old to the new while maintaining morale, productivity, and company image.

Refine your operating model to ensure functions, interactions, processes, roles, performance metrics, technologies and governance are all optimized  and allow your organization to deliver on its strategy.

  • Change Management

  • Operating Model


A structured approach to enable the implementation of marketing technologies (Martech) and operating models - effectively integrating technology, workflow and organizational structure.

  • Technology Implementation

Technology and vendor selection, including planning the evaluation of marketing and digital technology , selection criteria, decision scoring methodology, RFP and SLAs.

  • Technology  and Vendor Selection

Technology and Vendor Selection

Technology & Vendor Selection

Change Management & Operating Model

Processes don’t just involve one area of the company. They flow together from idea inception to sales to support and accounting.  We lead our clients through the design of adaptive and agile processes to cope with gradual and sudden changes in the environment - thus maximizing the investments in strategy, people, technology and metrics.

  • Process Analysis and Design

Process Design


Marketing, Sales & Service Alignment

Marketing, Sales & Service Alignment

Marketing, sales and service alignment is one of the largest opportunities for improving business performance. Uniting around revenue will dramatically improve performance. We work with your teams to focus on improving effectiveness, efficiency and clarity.  

  • Marketing, Sales and Service Alignment